Tonga Water Board

VALUE Our priority is to provide a reliable, safe and clean water supply twenty four hours (24) hours and seven (7) days a week.

MISSION To achieve the maximum satisfaction of customers through the services provided and in accordance with the Public Enterprises Act Amendment Acts – 2010.

Tonga Water Board was established in 1966 starting in Nuku’alofa, followed by Neiafu, Pangai-Hihifo and ‘Eua. The governing legislation was the TWB Act CAP-92, then replaced by TWB Act 32 – 2000 and subsequently complimented by the Public Enterprise Act – 2002 with Amendments Acts No.40 of 2010.

It is a quasi-government body that has a Board of Directors who oversees the policy management of the Board

Tonga Water Board provides quality water supply and services for the main four centers namely Nuku’alofa, Neiafu and Makave, Pangai-Hihifo and Holopeka and ‘Eua excluding Houma at the northern tip of the island.